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This is what Tina Barber – the Breed Founder had to say about Shiloh Shepherds:

“Do you remember a specific "German Shepherd" you used to know as a child (or if you are under 40) one that your family or friends told you about? He was the dog with that super, almost human intelligence; that big family protector that was so very gentle with little children, yet would give his life for his master without question. The dog that would walk you to the school bus, and then show up again exactly on time to wait for your return; the hero that everyone talked about; the one that seemed half human. His personality consisted of Lassie, Strongheart, and Rin Tin Tin all rolled into one.”

My name is Lesley de Klerk, and Shiloh Shepherds have shared my life for the past 19 years; I cannot imagine NOT having a “Shiloh” in my life.

During this time, this is what I have learned about Shilohs…

All of my Shilohs have passed the assessments to become Paws for People® Therapy Dogs and they have brought joy to hundreds of people over the years. They are also excellent in both obedience and scent work.

Most of all, they have given me unconditional love, incredible joy, laughter, pride, companionship and loyalty...and they have my heart... always...

The photos below say it all…..

my very special Kodi Girl

Kodi - airport 28.3.04 and first day in S.A

Beautiful Kodi

Kodi - puppy visit to Ann Harding

Kodi and Cowboy with a friend

Kodi and her family

Kodi ears up with her sister Cheyanne

Kodi fetching a patient's slipper

Kodi with a little friend

Kodi with her "fellow" therapy dogs

Kodi – 23.12.2003 – 12.1.2013


Shiloh with a friend

Shiloh with his cart

Shiloh – 30.3.1999 – 19.07.2011

Cheyanne - my wonderful old lady - the day she arrived

Cheyanne - at work


left to right - Grown up Kodi, Shiloh and Cheyanne

Little Dakota and Little Willow

Dakota and his sister Willow arrive!


Dakota and Willow's first SA vet visit

Dakota and Willow - pups working hard

Dakota ears almost up!

Willow ears up!

Dakota - ears up!!

Dakota the "lion"

Willow and Dakota almost grown..

Dakota growing fast!